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Press Materials & Photos from Entertainment Drive

Cover of Rolling Stone signed by Adam Lambert, to Michael

Michael and Britney Spears

With Oscar After the Academy Awards

With Cindy Crawford at the Entertainment Drive Loft

With Susan Eisenhower

With Jenny McCarthy at the Academy Awards

With Liv Tyler at the Armageddon World Premiere

With (L to R:) Matt Cohen, NYC Legend Robin Byrd, and a Cast Member of The Donkey Show in NYC

Legendary Columnist Marilyn Beck and Michael on the Red Carpet at the Academy Awards

Legendary Columnists Stacy Jenel Smith and Stephanie DuBois with Michael at the Governor's Ball following the Academy Awards

With Producer Jerry Bruckheimer at the Armageddon World Premiere

With Cindy Crawford at the Entertainment Drive Loft

With Cindy Crawford at the Entertainment Drive Loft

With Cindy Crawford at the Entertainment Drive Loft

With Renee Zellweger

With Billy Bob Thornton After the Academy Awards

With Mickey in Disney Land

With Goofy in Disney Land

With Mickey and Minnie at Christmastime

With Jenny McCarthy

With Downtown Julie Brown at the First Annual Sports Emmy Awards

Clockwise, Stephanie Seplow, Jeffrey King, Whoopi Goldberg, Michael, Nancy Hamilton

Gen. Wesley Clark and Michael

Michael's Sensei Tetsu Aoyagi and his wife Michiko with Michael at their classic home in Tokyo

Richard Simmons signs eDrive's Wall of Fame in NYC

"Last Samurai," Movie, Recording and Television Star Hiroyuki Sanada and Michael in Tokyo

International Atomic Physicist, Professor, and husband of Susan Eisenhower Roald Sagdeev with Michael

Pepper Johnson puts Michael in a headlock at the 1st Online Coverage of the Sports Emmys

With Ken Watanabe on the Warner Bros. lot during the filming of The Last Samurai

Greg Guroff, President of the Foundation for International Arts and Education, his wife Kathy and Michael (they all met in the Soviet Union in 1986)

Craig Dawson, owner of NYC's famous Barrymore's Restaurant, with Michael


With Betty White

With International Actor and Berlin Film Festival "Shooting Star" Award Winner Thure Lindhardt in Copenhagen

With Oscar Nominee Ken Watanabe from "The Last Samurai" at the Premiere Party in NYC

With Director of "The Last Samurai" Edward Zwick at the NYC Premiere Party

With Lyric Opera Chicago Manager and Producer Kenneth F. Shaw, and Rick Moore at Disney World

With Legendary Tokyo Columnist, Reporter and Nightclub Impressario Bill Hersey in Tokyo

John Eisenhower (President Eisenhower's son) and Michael

Anne Eisenhower, Michael, Susan Eisenhower

Senator McCain and Michael

With Russell Means at Disney's Pocahontas Premiere

Roy Disney and Michael at the Pocahontas Premiere

Legendary actress and singer Chieko Baisho, International Composer and Musical Director Reijiro Koroku and Michael and Chieko and Reijiro's home in Yokahama, Japan

Legendary International Kabuki star Tamasaburo Bando and Michael in Tokyo

With Spike Lee at the Entertainment Drive Loft

With Ed McMahon and Wayne Newton

With Keiko Toshima in the Ginza District in Tokyo near Keiko's husband Masayuki's office at Toho Co, Ltd.

With Ian McKellan

With Leeza Gibbons at an early eDrive chat event

With Calvin Klein Model Antonio Sabato, Jr.

With International artist and sculptor Harald Torp in NYC

With Chez Josephine's Jean Claude Baker (son of Josephine Baker)

Jeffrey King and Michael still have not washed off their kisses from Jenny McCarthy, taken at Webster Hall in NYC

eDrive's Jeffrey King in a gas mask while the eDrive loft was being renovated - this day, the Fabulon was being applied to the wood floors while a online chat was taking place with Sound of Music director Robert Wise

Senator Bob Graham (D-FL), Meteorologist Bryan Norcross and Michael

Michael with Meteorologist Bryan Norcross at the 2007 Florida Governor's Hurricane Conference

Mikhail Gorbachev, Ann Hampton Callaway, Lawrence Hamilton, Frank Wells and Producer Michael Bolanos in Moscow

Christine Washington, widow of the late, great Grover Washington Jr. and President of the Protect the Dream Foundation with Michael in Washington DC

Michael Bolanos' Astrological Chart prepared by Wayne Morales